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So im done with first semester at college.  Just finished celebrating xmas with the family (everybody flew back home, it was nice).  I am still here, believe it or not, reading.  Not playing video games, not so much watching tv - reading.  Reading a book.  I don't go back to school for a little over 2 weeks so i got some time to kill.  Might as well spend it productively.
I havent drawn anything in a while, but I am planning on doing so.  I'll prolly do something in pencil just to get started again.  Might be something realistic.  I dunno.
  • Reading: My Life by: Bill Clinton
My art class this year is following the Art AP structure, except with less work.  If I wish to do the AP, I have to do like 10 more pieces of work or somthing.  Didn't know there was an art AP...

Hope I can do enough pieces in time.  Maybe I'll get a 3 if I work hard enough.

Yay for school!~

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Schoool's - out - for - summer.
I'm soooooo happy.  School is dun, no more junior year, no more English honors, no more certs, no more chem!  I'm done! im so happy!  This also means that I can actually do artwork now.  Since the shirako piece i did(which still didnt even take very long), I havnt even attempted to do any deviations.  Ive had no time.  I got like 20 hours of sleep over the course of like 7 days.  I was either studying, finishing my altered book, or writing all of my english teacher's assignments cuz he crammed everything into the end of the year T_T.  Now I can draw my face off like I planned!  yay for me... :clap:
100 pageviews! i just got 100 pageviews...yay!  It's not much..but im new...and its like a mini-accomplishment deal.  My baby steps in DA you could say...I'm anxious...finishing my eagle project tomorrow^^
My first journal post...
So the end of my junior year of high school is coming to a close, which is both good and bad...In two weeks we have finals...history, engllish, sports med (AAAAAHH thats really hard), math, chem.  I dunno if theres an art final.  AND im doing my eagle project ( which reminds me i gotta get donations this week).  After that its all over.....freedom.  Cept my dad wants me to get a job this summer...i wish he told me that BEFORE the deadlines for city internships.  Awesome.  Maybe I can get a drawing or two complete.  Maybe i can learn photoshop.  Buraisuko has inspired me(and hes my age too! only a month older) i feel so inferior.  Im gonna draw my face off this summer maybe.  Im going to learn ps!!!!!!!!